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Visual storytelling

still from "quarantine" - shortfilm

Cinematic Teaser

Think in big pictures when presenting your work!
We were fortunate enough to make this music teaser for the brand new SRF series "Neumatt" come to life. Using visual storytelling not only to enhance the impact of the music, but also to establish the complex connections involved in the process. Linking the compositional vision from Michael Künstle and Matteo Pagamici to the bow in the musicians hand and bring a series tone to life, that resonates with the audience.


your new clip in a single day!

Productions with same day delivery were developed to accommodate the demand for fast results. The fast returns allow clients with time constraints to get fast, affordable and at the same time high quality results. Social media and viral campaigns profit most of this concept because of posts being more likely to go viral when traditional media link to your video. But for that you need to have your video online in time to make the editorial deadlines.
The production style is perfect for events organizers, social media managers, small business owners and persons of public interest. Please contact us to request our information sheet and tell us about your video idea.
The still is from a recent shoot for Verein GO! Mikrokredite starring Pablo Reininger in Zurich.


making livestreams cinematic

In the day and age when video calls and live streams are the only way to connect with friends and audiences, being engaging and standing out demands for more than just a static camera. Live streams with steadicams introduce dynamic motion and new angles to the standart concert live stream. In this case Steapfaceproductions provided operator, camera system and assistant for LIVE-TECH. We also provide full service live streams productions for bands like Blue Carpet. Contact us for your next live stream or live event!


finishing work on "QUARANTINE"

We just completed the short "Quarantine". We are looking forward to showcase our most recent film around the world this summer. The film will be widely available to the public by the end of 2021. Additional Info can be found under "SHORT FILMS".




VILLO spends a day with his adorable daughter BRADLEY on his property. It is only when odd situations beginn to unfold that we start to notice somethings beeing wrong. Maybe the film does not play out in one day and his daughter suddenly seems to cohere more to his broken psyche than the real world.


"QUARANTINE" is a 2020 shortfilm written and shot during the 2020 pandemic. The project was launchet at this unique time to get a good use out of the empty schedules of many swiss filmmakers at the time. With live editing the short also introduced technical changes to productions. The crew and cast assembly was designed to test new workflows for our upcomming feature film "NYM.
A collaboration of The HUB Media AG and Steepfaceproductions




As GLIDE, a gun for hire, is trapped in a hotel room with his target LEILA, the question of life and death is only one of the things troubling this doomed relationship.


"HOTEL" was developed and shot as a part of an online Series constisting of shot film's all playing in the same hotelroom. With attaching the talented actiong coupple KAIJA LEDERGERBER and ILJA BAUMEIER the desicion was made to take the short out of the online series and also attend festivals. "HONEYMOON", as it is called as part of the online series, will air beeing the last unreleased short end of 2021.
Executive produced / Cinematography by Steepfaceproductions, a Handschin Media production




Leaving their classes behind on Friday, four college friends cling to the weekend to escape the past and future challenges in their lives. But as reality takes an unexpected turn, they're forced to confront the past, and that ignoring upcoming days will only take them so far.


"WEEKEND TIDE" is a 2018 shot in Basel with the international contribution of director JULIO RAMÌREZ. The Short was released in 2020 after attendig filmfestivals like Cannes and Bogo Shorts.
2nd Unit Cinematography by Steepfaceproductions, a film by paradigma creative

watch trailer




GABRIEL heads to a gas station to pick up his girlfriend and a bottle of champagne to go visit some friends. Facing a big loss his values as a police officer are unexpectedly challenged.


"I AM FREE" was part of my final thesis in school and my biggest project to this day. Ussing ressources form the set of weekend tide, the project was launched and shot within only 3 weeks in summer 2017.


selection of full or partial productions for clients



Produced by Gässli Filmfestival, 2020 EDI Price Winner Bronze, Cinematography


Single Day Production, Concept to Upload in 10h