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storydriven cinematography

You see, I am a film maker; therefore, I rely on my ability to transform words into screen time in order to capture attention. I don’t usually have to result in captioning the word “Broccoli”. But this is a Webpage. So, there’s that.  
I love to see an idea come to life. And that is where I come in. I create the visuals around the story.
I approach each project differently but years of working on all types of sets with all kinds of equipment, crew and budgets, have all taught me the same lesson: Film is a collaboration. It is when the magic of a story meets the technical science of filmmaking, that people are moved. My approach is shaped largely by my background in music. I find that if the picture has its own rhythm, the audience will do us the courtesy of letting us submerge them in the world we shape.
Story driven cinematography. That is what I offer.
So, share your vision. I will do my best to make it come to life.
Even if it is about Broccoli. I can’t tell you that it will be a good film. But I’ll be damned if that piece of Broccoli doesn’t look great on screen. I am a film maker. So, by all means, give me a story. I will tell it.                                 


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